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You did it! You’ve taken one step closer to finding yourself in a home you absolutely love to be in.

Believe me, it’s not just about decorating a house to make it look like something out of a magazine. It’s so much more than that. Wouldn’t you agree?

A home is a place where you experience good feelings.

Photo of Oliver Winery

Whether it be a smile when you see a picture that reminds you of a good memory

Snuggling up with a Book

or that comfy feeling when you are snuggled up reading a book or watching a movie

Family Dinner
Photo by todd-ruth-kWxim9J-gNE-unsplash

or a family dinner sharing stories

Happy Pets
Photo by connie-kwan-G2-LR76hj7U-unsplash

or being greeted by your loving pet

There is so much that goes into making a house a home and it is my goal to help you do just that.

Craft Room

Or crafting in your very own craft room

With DIY decorating projects and ideas, learning the basics of how to decorate, DIY crafts, sharing family traditions to make your own memories, creating rooms you love, being greeted with a beautiful exterior, and so much more!

Whether you found Comfy Cozy Home through a DIY group, a Craft group, or anyplace else, I hope you poke around and find value in each section.

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