Smart Keychain Product Review: Key Smart and Alltul

I recently had an opportunity to use the smart keychain, Key Smart Pro with Tile Smart Location along with the Alltul Raptor and I wanted to share my thoughts on these two products. Have you ever misplaced your keys and wasted so much time looking for them? I know I have.

I was running late for a job interview and for the life of me could not find my keys. Oh the anxiousness! I finally found them buried in the wash in my jacket pocket of course. As a result, I ended up being fifteen minutes late. Needless to say, I did not get the job. Sad face.

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Alltul with Key Smart

Find Your Keys or Your Phone

Alltull and Key Smart

If I had the Key Smart before then, I would have been able to find my keys in a lot less time by just following the chimes! This handy key keeper has a built in rechargeable battery and bluetooth.


It connects to the app and has a button that you can click on the sets off a chime that is easily heard and recognizable. No more lost keys! Oh and get this, it will even find your phone even if it is on silent. The chime still sounds off. No more misplace phone!

Key Smart App
Key Smart App

In addition, if you cannot hear the chime, you can locate the Key Smart on the app map!


Key Smart Accessories

I am impressed with the quality of the smart keychain, Key Smart. It is made to be handy like a pocket knife, comes with a bottle opener and has different accessories you can purchase such as a 16g USB, Pocket clip, Quick Disconnect, and Screwdriver. It also has an expansion pack that you can purchase to be able to add more keys and accessories. The recommended keys it will hold is 10. However, I found that the 5 keys I had plus the bottle opener was my limit, however, I did put the spacers in and those are optional to use.

Key Smart Light

The Key Smart comes with a built in flashlight to help light your car in dark areas. I found the light is sufficient for me to be able to find the key hole and lighten a bit of the surrounding area, but it is limited in range and circumference. It is made of aircraft grade aluminum with stainless steel hardware. The weight of the Key Smart alone is not bad. I added 5 keys and it seriously did not feel as heavy as I thought it would. The bottle opener has an extension on it that enables you to hook it onto a bigger key ring if desired. I can see how this would be a great gift for the man in your life with all the extra gadgets available!



Assembly of the Key Smart was pretty straight forward. The instructions were pretty clear for set up in the app and for assembly. It took a bit of patience to add the keys with the optional spacers but once I got them all aligned, it went back together pretty easily. I would recommend purchasing the extender kit with the unit. It will make it easier to assemble especially if you have bigger fingers.

Key Smart Parts
Key Smart Pieces along with Alltul Raptor
Key Smart Adding Keys
Adding Keys
Key Smart Folded
Keys in place. Picture of Alltul Raptor
Alltul Raptor
Alltul Raptor (wire cutter, bottle opener and screwdriver) with Key Smart


Alltul Designs

The Alltul is pretty handy! There are other options available as shown above and each one has different functions. You can find them on the Key Smart website under accessories. I really love the Raptor! I am using these tools all the time. These are fun, useful and handy for both men and women!

Alltul Spoke
Alltul spoke and easy release latch to easily attach to your key ring or belt

Overall for a smart keychain, the price, functionality and the quality of both products, I recommend them. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will be glad to respond with my honest opinion.

Both the Key Smart and the Alltul would make a Perfect Father’s Day gift! These are reasonably priced and if you purchase more than one of either you get better discounts or even free! So get one for him and one for yourself! Win ~ Win!

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Key Smart and Alltul Review

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