Household Tool Kit

Household Tool Kit

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I can’t think of a home that should not have a basic tool kit. Have you ever been trying to hang a picture and you have to search everywhere for a hammer, nails and level? I have for sure.

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I have a recommended basic household tool kit that you can very easily put together for your home! This kit will get you started and you can add to it as you go along. The secret to having a Successful kit is having it all in one place so you can easily grab what you need!

Because we are avid DIYers we have a few kits for different purposes. You will see in blog posts where I recommend certain products that you would most definitely want to add to your designated “kit” area.

Start with designating a purposeful, dedicated space in your home or garage. For me I have a small space in our home in the hallway closet for a tool kit just for inside the house. I purchased shelving that would fit and luckily we had an electrical outlet in there so I created a space for charging the cordless electrical drill.

Then in the garage I have dedicated shelving for the tool boxes and totes for outside maintenance, car tool kit, car maintenance, painting, trash and leave pickup, etc.

I prefer to use tool boxes and totes and I label them. Putting a label on the shelf and the tool box or tote will make put away easier and I find that others do the same. I think it is a subliminal message to keep it organized.

Here it my list of what I keep for Household maintenance. It has the basics that you will find having in one place is very helpful. Just grab the tool box and take it where ever you are working and you won’t have to be on the hunt.

  • Cordless Drills and Bits
  • Hammer
  • Phillips and Flat head screwdrivers
  • Long Nose Pliers
  • Tape Measure
  • Level
  • Allen Wrench Set
  • Staple Gun
  • Adjustable Crescent Wrench
  • Heavy Duty Electrical Extension
  • Basic Nail kit
  • Basic Picture Hanging kit

This is what I recommend to purchase for the list above:

Get a copy of the Basic Tool Kit Checklist here and make it easier the next time you go shopping!

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    Household Toolkit

    That will cover all your basic needs inside your home! Tell me in the comments what your most used tool or must have tool is.

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