Gift Wrapping Made Easy with Wrap Buddies

Ever dread the never ending mess of gift wrapping? Me too! Wrapping paper everywhere. You can’t find the tape under the mess. Well I have a solution for you! Make your gift wrapping made easy using The Wrap Buddies!

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Wrap Buddies Product Review for making gift wrapping easier

These two little grey gadgets were a puzzle to me at first. Just exactly how is this going to help? I had my doubts but I’m here to tell you that they are Awesome!

Easy to Set up

Just simply take one of the clamps and put a roll of tape on the one side and your role of paper on the other side, then take the other clamp and put the paper on and clamp it to your table so that the paper is held in place.

Wrap Buddies Product Review making gift wrapping easier

Then roll your paper out to the desired length, cut and use the tape to adhere it to your package. That’s it!

Wrap Buddies Product Review
Wrap Buddies Product Review

As soon as I used this once – I was hooked!

Many Uses for the Wrap Buddies

The possibilities are endless. You can use this product in your Craft Room to roll out Kraft paper to use in your crafts or as a protective cover for your craft table.  

Use it in with your kids to roll out drawing paper that they can color on or make you priceless art!

Wrap Buddies Product Review

The Wrap Buddies is inexpensive and will save you time and frustration with your gift wrapping! I highly recommend them!  Once you get one set you will want more!

Where to get the Wrap Buddies

Take a look at this video to see the many uses of the product:

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Gift Wrapping Made Easy: Wrap Buddies Product Review

Do you think you would like this product to make your gift wrapping easy? Leave me a comment to let me know!

Get your Wrap Buddy today!

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