DIY Bathroom Counter Top Makeover

What to do with ugly counter tops? I was not in a position to have all my counter tops replaced so I did the next best thing – I painted them! I found an awesome product called Giani Countertop Paint. You can find it here. I used it in my DIY Bathroom Counter Top Makeover.

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First Step: Prepare the counter top

The bathrooms started with a mixture of a plain beige and some parts were blue on the counter tops. With Giani, you just tape off all the areas that you don’t want paint to get on then for the first step you roll on the black paint (this is dependent on what color kit you choose).

These are two different bathrooms and as you can see there was even a mixture of colors on the counter tops – blue and beige.

Bathroom Countertop Makeover

Second Step: Apply color to the counter top

Once the black is dry you go on to the next layer. For my choice it was a mixture of a few different colors. I used a sea sponge to dab on the colors until I was satisfied with the results.

In the hard to reach areas I used a sponge brush like you see here in the sink.

Bathroom Countertop prep

You can see here that the blue covered well on the edge.

Bathroom Countertop prep

Here is a pic of the kitchen counter. I used the same technique with same colors. You can see that makeover here.

Kitchen Countertop Makeover
Kitchen Countertop prep

Third and Final Step: Apply sealer to counter top

The final step was to apply the sealer.  Once it was dry I felt very confident that this product was going to stand up to the test of time and abuse. After a year, they were still in very good shape.

Bathroom Counter top

I was so very happy with my Bathrooms after all the DIY. The picture above was the master bath and the one below was the guest bath. I used the same wallpaper on the walls in my bathroom as I did in my DIY Kitchen makeover.  It covered up the blue, white and red floral wallpaper nicely!

Wallpaper Makeover

PIN IT for later:

Bathroom Countertop Makeover

Do you have some countertops you would like to try this DIY Bathroom Counter Top Makeover on? Show me some pics below!

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